11 Moon Centers and the Divine Feminine Energies

The 11 Moon Centers is an opportunity to enhance awareness through the feminine form. While I do believe sex and gender are fluid, the following sections explore centers of the traditional feminine body and at the same time honors the energetic aspects. I do not feel this path should be limited to the feminine and is open to your intuitive interpretation. 

It is said that every 2 ½ days there is a shift from one psychic center to the next. As a healer or empath, this may be beneficial to understand and become aware of when your energies are most potent or potentially vulnerable. Similar to the chakras, in that, you may experience a level of dysfunction or opportunity.  

Below is a list of the 11 Centers with a supporting description. I invite you to read and explore this intuitively. There seems to be a personality within each center and often physical sensations that correspond with each. Journaling is a wonderful way to explore how each center feels through you and you may find, as I have that this evolves over time. 

  • 11 Moon Centers

Ear Lobes

What is happening between your ears? I have found that the dysfunction of this center can be toiling in mental thought patterns or inability to discern. When in balance the Ear lobes can be a center of receptivity, whereas the crown of the head is a funnel from the heavens and the earlobes your opportunity to receive clear guidance. We can associate this with clairaudience. 


How are you presenting yourself? Imagine the cheeks like an allure; a simple smile or a shine, a loving expression or a growl. The cheeks are like the epicenter of truth, no different than a micro expression. I have heard this center referred to as the PMS of the Moon Centers, potentially a filter is lifted and a layer of expression revealed. 


How are you connected within and above?  The Arcline or Halo provides a feeling of divine connection or the root of the Auric Field. While the cheeks may express a shine, the Arcline is the radiance. This center is the delicate balance between being one with all that is. When in balance there is a flow and in reverse, there is a toiling with the demands of the ego.  we can associate this with Clairsentience. 


Are you grounded? When I think of the thighs I think of the Venus of Willendorf with her unapologetic curves and productive power. When grounded and in alignment, this center is about taking steps on the earthly plane. When out of alignment this could feel like very unstable energy or a tendency to follow the pack rather than lead from the inner compass. 

Back of the Neck

The back of the neck is said to be a playful center and quite possibly a vulnerable time. A connection to the core may prevent a feeling of being pulled out of alignment and remaining true to self. This center may also function like divine intervention. Have you noticed that a mama picks up her pups from the back of the neck?  How is spirit showing you the way? 


Then navel appears to be one of the most powerful connections of the body; like the button to the chakras and to balance the 11 Moon Centers. Are you in your personal power? How are you expressing your core connection and communicating free will with the divine?


The Vagina is the portal to life; where life is formed and presented. It is the gateway of expression in this incarnation, spirituality, and sexuality. How are you letting others in?  How are you expressing your energy, is it spilling out?


On many levels, the lips are a place of communication. Are you sending an uplifting signal or bite? The lips are also deeply connected to the crown and throat chakras, as well as the earlobe centers. How are all your centers of communication flowing? 


Are you dialing in or dialing out? Overall, is your emotional and nervous system in balance? Traditionally this is said to be a time of pleasure and not planning. I dare say, that when in balance this is a time to consider long term rather than instant gratification.

Eye Brows

The eyebrows are the seat of conscious awareness coupled with the third eye, Clairvoyance, and perhaps the Claires in general. How are your thoughts guiding you?  How are you inspired? Where is your imagination taking you?  When channeled consciously this may be a wonderful time to manifest.


There is a sense of receptivity with the breast centers as well as boundaries. How are you giving and receiving? Is there reciprocity?  This center is linked to the heart center, compassionate awareness, and the nurturing side of ourselves. I feel like healthy boundaries play a huge role in this center and life in general. 

Take the time to explore your embodied awareness. Explore this as it feels a fit for you and Trust your inner guidance.

Kundalini Yoga & the 11 Moon Centers 

I invite you to join me in a workshop to discuss the 11 Moon Centers and explore Kundalini Yoga for Women at Evolve Yoga and Wellness Center June 20th 2pm. Register Online at Evolve Yoga Center. Email amandevikaur@gmail.com with questions or to join the 11 Moon Centers FB Group

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